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A Leading Expert in Male Infertility and Men’s Sexual and Urologic Health


Helping Ensure the Future of Families


A skilled microsurgeon makes the difference when it comes to vasectomy reversal

Men’s Sexual Health

Sexual issues don’t have to be a problem any longer. Dr. Fenig's compassionate care and deep understanding of men's sexual health issues provides men with the help, and hope needed to overcome conditions including Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, Peyronie's Disease and Chronic Testicular Pain. 

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Men’s Urologic Health

Dr. Fenig's extensive background in urological research provides him the unique ability to get to the bottom of the most complex urological issues affecting men. Dr. Fenig has successfully treated and delivered exceptional urologic care to countless men for conditions including Male Incontinence, Vasectomy, BPH or enlarged prostate, and kidney stones.

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As one of the foremost microsurgeons in the region, Dr. David Fenig performs complex surgeries on some of the body’s tiniest and complex structures using his highly honed microsurgical skills and a high powered microscope. When it comes to performing complex male reproductive procedures, Dr. Fenig’s patients benefit from his microsurgical expertise.

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