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Maryland Doctor’s Vasectomy Reversal Delivers a New Bundle of Joy

When a Maryland physician and his wife started making plans to grow their family, they originally planned for an international adoption. But, when that plan fell through the couple decided to conceive a child of their own. The doctor, who had a vasectomy in 2008, started doing online research to find the right vasectomy reversal specialist.  

After performing extensive online research on vasectomy reversal, Dr. S* found Dr. David Fenig, Director of the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America in Baltimore, MD.  

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Prior Vasectomy No Obstacle for One Couple Trying to Conceive Thanks to Dr. David Fenig and a Vasectomy Reversal


After being married for eight years, Asif and Jodi decided it was time to have a child of their own. Asif already had a son from a previous marriage and had a vasectomy shortly after he was born. The couple’s journey to have a child began by exploring IVF. The facility they were going to recommended a specialist in drawing out the sperm for the IVF procedure. After a very long drive to get to the specialist and a very lengthy wait, the couple walked out and headed back home unseen by the doctor. A recommendation from the same clinic then led them to Dr. David Fenig for a consultation on a vasectomy reversal.

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Couple Conceives Thanks to Dr. David Fenig

Sarah and Lawrence Williams' Story:

Lawrence Williams had a vasectomy reversal in January 2014, the couple conceived in September 2014 and their son was born in June 2015. Sarah Williams said:

“We had a consultation with Dr. Fenig two years after my husband’s vasectomy. From the start, Dr. Fenig made us feel comfortable and explained everything about the procedure and what to expect in regular terms, like he was a friend. We knew we could trust him from the start. My husband had the vasectomy reversal done in January 2014 and I was pregnant by September of that same year.

One of the best things about Dr. Fenig is his bedside manner; I’ve never seen anything like it in another doctor! He makes sure you are comfortable in your decision and after the procedure, he followed up with us every month, calling to see how we were doing and to follow up on lab results. He really cared.  It was the most pleasant experience. Dr. Fenig was amazing.”

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From Vasectomy Reversal Patient to Cancer Survivor - One Patient's Heartwarming Story

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for Dr. Fenig and his professionalism, expertise and high level of patient care. My wife and I met Dr. Fenig in the summer of 2013 when we decided to have children and I needed a vasectomy reversal.

After researching the many doctors in the area to find the right doctor, we decided on Dr. Fenig and scheduled the surgery for September 2013. Dr. Fenig's expertise and care made the surgery a success. The surgery went perfectly and there was very little pain and discomfort. But the story doesn't end there.

It was Feb. 2014, just 5 months after my reversal, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. We called Dr. Fenig for his counsel, which he readily provided. It is difficult sometimes to tell by phone if someone really cares and is engaged in the conversation; however, it was evident that Dr. Fenig truly cared and was concerned by his tone and reaction. His counsel was taken, which was ensuring that we froze sperm prior to surgery, as well ensuring we were receiving the proper care for treatment. He provided all the information necessary to get this done.

We fast forward just over two years and my bride and I are expecting a beautiful baby due December 2016, and I am a cancer survivor. I have had many medical professionals assist me with my care over the years. Dr. Fenig's level of care is by far the best. He calls to check in to make sure all is well. He speaks to you as a person not a patient and in a manner that is easily understood. He is compassionate. I believe whole heartedly in customer care and Dr. Fenig exemplifies this."

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Outstanding Bedside Manner Makes Difference

“Dr. Fenig is a very thorough and highly-qualified doctor who has an outstanding bedside manner. He treats his patients with respect and sincerity. His practices are patient driven and he’s very caring.

As an example, during my scheduled surgery, the procedure was delayed by two and a half hours. While I was in the prep area waiting, Dr. Fenig came to see me and sat with me, talked to me and asked me if I wished to come back so I didn’t have to be kept waiting any longer. While it was nice that he gave me that option, I decided to stay for the surgery and he stayed well after hours to perform my procedure, which demonstrates his dedication to his patients.

Follow ups with Dr. Fenig are always exceptional as well. He calls me after each visit to provide me with results of tests and feedback. But what strikes me is that Dr. Fenig calls me personally; he doesn’t have his nurse or assistant call me. It’s always him on the phone, even if it’s at night after hours, which is uncommon for most doctors. My experience with Dr. Fenig has been excellent.”

-   Norman, patient treated for prostatitis/enlarged prostate 

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Peyronie’s Patient Finds Relief, Second Chance at Intimacy

Patient Allen B. initially came to Dr. David Fenig in 2011 for treatment of Peyronie’s disease, discussing several options for the treatment of this condition that causes curvature of the penis. When the initial treatment of plaque injections, as well as other treatments such as the vacuum device, did not correct the condition, Allen and Dr. Fenig started discussing surgery. Allen ultimately chose to have an excision and grafting procedure performed to correct his Peyronie’s.

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"We Were Too Young to Quit," Says Peyronie's Patient

When J.S., a patient of Dr. David Fenig's, was diagnosed with Peyronie's disease, a penile prosthesis was his last chance at intimacy with his wife. He put his faith in Dr. Fenig...

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A Couple's Journey to Find the Right Infertility Specialist Benefits Other Men, Too

Paul, age 38, and his wife, age 32, have been married ten years and are finally on their way to parenthood after a long journey.  The baby they are expecting this winter is “a miracle,” says Paul.  “We had become a little despairing and were considering adoption,” he admits.

Paul had been treated for erectile dysfunction and low testosterone by another urologist, who, according to Paul, “put me on a testosterone patch, which kills your sperm count. 

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Solving a Zero Sperm Count

Having children is very important to Brandon T. and his wife, and they credit the expertise and compassion of Dr. David Fenig for their beautiful baby girl.

Brandon, who is in top physical shape and a firefighter, was surprised to find out that he had no sperm count.  He and his wife had been trying to conceive a baby for a year, and when they didn’t succeed, both of them consulted their doctors about their fertility.  His wife’s tests came back normal, but Brandon said that when the lab called him about his sperm count, he was stunned because they mistook his case for a vasectomy and confirmed that he had no sperm. 

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Dr. Fenig’s Infertility Expertise Helps Another Couple Conceive

Two years ago, when Hugh married the love of his life, he and his wife decided to start a family.  Knowing his complicated medical history, Hugh sought out a doctor who could check his fertility and manage his low testosterone.  “I knew that artificial testosterone could lower my sperm count,” he explains.  “I went to a urologist who recommended Dr. Fenig highly.  He told me that Dr. Fenig has a lot more experience in male infertility than most other doctors.”

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Dr. David Fenig Proves to One Patient that the Penile Prosthesis as a Treatment for ED Could Change His Life

I had been living with ED for quite some time and began taking Viagra in my mid-50s,” says patient D.R*.  “But after taking the medication for many years, my body became immune to its effects and I had to turn to other ED treatments like injections and the vacuum. Then I heard about the penile implant.”

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Penile Implant Treats ED, Helps Keep One Patient’s 55-Year Romance Alive


After 55 years of marriage, love, romance and a satisfying sexual relationship are all still very much alive for Fred, age 80, and his wife Joanne, age 76, thanks in part to an amazing surgery that was performed by Dr. David Fenig at Chesapeake Urology.

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CTP Relief Results from Uncommon Solution and Dr. David Fenig’s Skills, Ability to Listen


“I knew he understood this problem and had the surgical techniques to address it,” says Scott.  “Dr. Fenig was the first doctor to tell me from the very first appointment, ‘we’ll get rid of your pain.’  He was confident and reassuring, and this made a big difference in my outlook.”

Read about Scott's journey with Chronic Testicular Pain here.


At Wit’s End, One Patient Finally Finds Relief for Chronic Testicular Pain 


Chris Miller almost lost hope that he’d ever be free of chronic testicular pain by the time he found his way to Chesapeake Urology Associates.  He’d been in agony for close to one year following colon surgery.  Although the surgery was a success, he was left with pain that doctors had not even come close to accurately diagnosing and treating. 

“I was extremely desperate,” described Chris, who suspected his problem stemmed from the pain of the catheter inserted during the operation, which had been done at a world-famous academic medical center. 

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Radio Campaign Leads Patient to Cure for Chronic Testicular Pain


Chris D., age 39, credits Chesapeake Urology’s radio ad campaign for leading him to the right physicians to cure the chronic testicular pain that he suffered for nine months.  “I have a high tolerance for pain, but this felt like I was being crushed or squeezed most of the time,” describes Chris.

The pain was intolerable and came on suddenly one day in October 2011. He was startled and puzzled.  There was no injury or incident that had caused the pain.  His general physician recommended he see a urologist and suggested a couple of physicians.  Chris chose a urologist at Chesapeake Urology because he was impressed with what he’d heard on Chesapeake Urology’s radio ads.

Read Chris D.'s story here. 


Patient Leonard Harper Says Dr. Fenig Changed his Life, Relieved Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate


"Dr. Fenig has changed my whole outlook on life, and I’m 70 years old!"

"I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate by Dr. Fenig. For years I had been on different medications that would help my urine flow but it got to a point that without the medication, I couldn’t urinate. It was pretty miserable. I was up five or six times a night to go to the bathroom and then had trouble falling back to sleep. When you don’t get the proper amount of sleep it takes its toll on you. I was tired all the time, had no energy to get up and go and my sexual desire was at an all-time low. I’m an semi pro golfer as well so I travel for tournaments and it got to the point where I was too lethargic to enjoy golf, to work and do the things I’ve always enjoyed doing.

When I went to see Dr. Fenig, he talked to me about my symptoms, took tests and told me about the Greenlight Laser surgery, a procedure that could change things for me and be effective for treating my enlarged prostate. I soon decided to have the surgery, which went well. A few months after the surgery, I was feeling so good! Now, I only get up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom and have no trouble urinating. I get a full night’s sleep and now have a lot of energy to do the things I love. And, my sexual drive is back. This surgery has given me a positive outlook on life.

From day one, I knew Dr. Fenig was there to help me. He’s a very caring doctor who is very concerned about his patients. He knows what he’s doing and what to do to help his patients. In fact, he has changed my life!"

- Leonard Harper, BPH patient




Incontinence a Thing of the Past Thanks to the Male Urethral Sling


When Edwin Hernandez had the Greenlight Laser procedure performed by another doctor, he developed stress incontinence and had to wear absorbent pads because of urine leakage that was bothersome. In 2013, Mr. Hernandez saw Dr. Fenig who recommended the placement of a male urethral sling to remedy his urinary incontinence. Today, Mr. Hernandez no longer lives with urinary incontinence and is leak-free. Mr. Hernandez states, “Before I saw Dr. Fenig, I used to have urine leakage. But since seeing Dr. Fenig and having the urethral sling placed, my leakage has stopped. Dr. Fenig is wonderful. He explained everything to me very thoroughly and I’ve been very happy with him as my doctor.”