Patients with Chronic Testicular Pain Find Relief


Denervation Surgery Cures One Main of Chronic Testicular Pain for Good

"Dr. Fenig changed my life. I spent five years living with chronic pain following a mesh hernia repair. I'd spoken with several pain management doctors who tried medications, radiofrequency ablations, and nerve blocks. None were successful. Sometimes I was left in worse pain. Dr. Fenig approached me with empathy and a calm, certain plan of action. I was initially nervous about yet another procedure, but Dr. Fenig explained his experience in performing this denervation, giving me the confidence I needed to trust him.

He was communicative leading up to the procedure, was reassuring when I met him just before surgery and was constantly available to answer questions post-op. After a short recovery period, I was stunned. My pain had completely disappeared. I could sit up, walk, jump, and even run - yes, run - with absolutely no pain.

It's an understatement to say I owe Dr. Fenig an unrepayable debt for my current quality of life. I had given up on ever feeling better. Dr. Fenig gave me back the life I was missing with my kids. Thank you a million times over."


Post-Vasectomy Pain Cured By Vasectomy Reversal

Mr. W was experiencing chronic post-vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS) following his initial procedure. When the pain became unbearable, he made the decision to have the procedure reversed by Dr. David Fenig, Director of the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America in Baltimore, MD, a division of Chesapeake Urology.   

“My hope was to resolve my pain and discomfort,” recalled Mr. W. “After much research, I knew that Chesapeake Urology and Dr. Fenig was the best choice for me.”  

Mr. W not only experienced fast relief from his painbut thoroughly enjoyed his experience with Dr. Fenig and the handling of his case. 
“The team at Chesapeake Urology is the most professional and most experienced in the area,” he confirmed. “They gave me and my concerns the utmost care and attention – far above any other facility. “I only regret not having done it sooner!” 
DrFenig and his team’s hard work have allowed Mr. W to return to his favorite activities pain-free.  

“I feel whole again,” said Mr. W. “Reclaiming my health and natural functionality has been life-changing If you are experiencing issues of PVPS pain and discomfort, give Dr. Fenig and the team at Chesapeake Urology an opportunity to show you how a reversal can make your life normal again!” 


"I Have My Life Back"

"A special thanks to Dr. Fenig for relieving me of the chronic pain in my testicle. The pain was so bad that I went on temporary disability. The pain was 24/7, and 60% of the time quite severe. I had the microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord surgery and after the operation, I was back to work in two weeks and pain-free. I had seen four urologists before I saw Dr. Fenig. I have my life back, and owe him for the great job he did."

 - William McCord, patient


After 26 Years, Finally an End to the Pain

“I had chronic, debilitating orchialgia (testicular pain) for 26 years. I also have chronic pelvic pain. My physical therapist referred me to see Dr. David Fenig from Chesapeake Urology because of his sound expertise in this field. So, I met Dr. Fenig in May of 2017 and he went through my medical history with great attention to details and he examined me carefully. He suggested the denervation procedure to alleviate my pain, so I made an appointment for the surgery in August, 2017. It was an outpatient surgery, very smooth and almost painless!

Dr. Fenig called the next day to check on me and I assured him that all was well and thanked him for his great care.  Now, one year after the surgery, I am pain free, the scar is invisible and I am very satisfied with the outcome. It has improved the quality of my life!

To all men with Chronic Orchialgia, Dr. David Fenig will put an end to your pain forever.”


- Raja H., patient


Relief from Testicular Pain, and an “Awesome” Patient Experience

Following inguinal hernia repair surgery, K. Hammack began to experience excruciating pain in his left testicle, the kind, he says, “that brings you to your knees.” Damage to the inguinal nerve during his procedure resulted in months of pain, failed treatments, and more doctor visits. His surgeon suggested that they go in and remove the mesh placed during the hernia procedure, which would require another surgery but no guarantee that his pain would be alleviated.

Not satisfied with this option, Mr. Hammack started researching treatments for testicular pain online, which brought him to Dr. David Fenig and Chesapeake Urology. He read about Dr. Fenig’s expertise with a specialized procedure to treatment chronic testicular pain called denervation of the spermatic cord. The procedure has a high success rate when performed by a highly trained microsurgeon such as Dr. Fenig, and has helped many men find relief from chronic testicular pain.

“Dr. Fenig was awesome.”

After his initial visit with Dr. Fenig, he felt at ease and decided to move forward with the denervation surgery. Almost immediately after the procedure, Mr. Hammack noticed a significant improvement. “Other than some swelling at the surgical site, I had no more pain. The denervation surgery definitely worked.”

He added, “Dr. Fenig talked to me like a human being. And, after my surgery, he took time out of his personal life to call me and make sure I was doing OK, which was pretty amazing. Dr. Fenig was really awesome.”

“Had I not found Dr. Fenig, I’d still be sitting home in great pain. He was the only one who could help me.”



At Wit’s End, One Patient Finally Finds Relief for Chronic Testicular Pain 

Chris Miller almost lost hope that he’d ever be free of chronic testicular pain by the time he found his way to Chesapeake Urology Associates.  He’d been in agony for close to one year following colon surgery.  Although the surgery was a success, he was left with pain that doctors had not even come close to accurately diagnosing and treating. 

“I was extremely desperate,” described Chris, who suspected his problem stemmed from the pain of the catheter inserted during the operation, which had been done at a world-famous academic medical center. 

The surgeon who performed the surgery, “kept giving me antibiotics over a six-month period and telling me it was an infection that would clear up,” says Chris. 

Next Chris tried a urologist, who diagnosed the pain as epididymitis and prescribed more antibiotics.

The pain continued.  “It was a dull ache but occasionally it felt like someone kicked me in my groin, and the pain was incredible.  I’d take a deep breath, and if I was in a meeting, people around me would think I’m weird,” recalls Chris. 

It was a terrible way to live.  Fortunately Chris turned to Chesapeake Urology in Glen Burnie, where an astute urologist gave him hope.  “She was the first doctor to do a really comprehensive exam on me.  She told me she had a pretty good idea what the issue was.  She said, ‘I think it’s a nerve,’ and referred me to her partner Dr. David Fenig.” 

“Dr. Fenig is an expert.  He diagnosed me in 15 minutes,” says Chris.  “This is his specialty.  CTP is not a well-known specialty, but he knows how to treat it.  He’s on the cutting edge.” 

Dr. Fenig performed an outpatient surgery that completely eliminated Chris’ pain.  “It was a stress-free surgery,” describes Chris.  “Dr. Fenig cut the nerve that was causing the pain.  I went home after surgery, and I’ve been fine ever since.” 

“Until I went to Chesapeake Urology, no one wanted to deal with my condition; they just passed me on.  The doctors I consulted looked at me like it was in my head,” says Chris. “Dr. Fenig was my last hope.  I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found him.” 



Radio Campaign Leads Patient to Cure for Chronic Testicular Pain

Chris D., age 39, credits Chesapeake Urology’s radio ad campaign for leading him to the right physicians to cure the chronic testicular pain that he suffered for nine months.  “I have a high tolerance for pain, but this felt like I was being crushed or squeezed most of the time,” describes Chris.

The pain was intolerable and came on suddenly one day in October 2011. He was startled and puzzled.  There was no injury or incident that had caused the pain.  His general physician recommended he see a urologist and suggested a couple of physicians.  Chris chose a urologist at Chesapeake Urology because he was impressed with what he’d heard on Chesapeake Urology’s radio ads.

His urologist prescribed antibiotics but when this failed to resolve the pain, Chris was quickly referred to a specialist at Chesapeake Urology named Dr. David Fenig who has expertise in chronic testicular pain and a procedure called denervation.

Dr. Fenig tried a conservative approach first involving antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, but when this didn’t address the pain, he explained denervation surgery to Chris, who was very willing to undergo this treatment.  “I thought I’d try anything to make the pain go away,” says Chris, who had reached his threshold of pain tolerance.  “Dr. Fenig was excellent on educating me about the procedure and what to expect.  First he did a nerve block test and explained to me that it would indicate whether a denervation would work for me.  Shortly after I got the pain block, I could feel the pain start to ease.  I was relieved!”

Chris underwent denervation, which is an outpatient procedure, and once the post-surgical pain wore off in a few days, he could feel the relief.  Although the cause of Chris’ pain remains undetermined, one thing is certain – the pain is gone.

“The results are excellent,” he says.  “Chesapeake Urology sees to the needs of the patient.  They do their best to diagnose the patient, they get to the root of your problem, and they take care of everything you need.  The staff is absolutely fantastic.”




Collaborative Doctor-Patient Relationship Results in Relief for Patient with Chronic Testicular Pain

About one year after having a vasectomy, Scott D. started feeling pain in the backside of his scrotum and up above the epididymis.

“The pain would come and go in the beginning,” he explains, “but, soon, I had to go from wearing boxer shorts to tight briefs to help control the discomfort.”

As the testicular pain began to intensify and become more frequent, Scott says, “I found ways to deal with the pain but there were days where it would become so intense and constant, I just couldn’t live with it any longer.”

That’s when he went back to his original urologist who performed his vasectomy and began the process of trying to identify the cause and source of his chronic testicular pain. He was prescribed antibiotics to rule out infection, took anti-inflammatory medication, and even tried a cord block.

“The original cord block helped a bit but didn’t get rid of the core pain I was experiencing constantly in the back of the epididymis. After a while, the cord block wore off and I was back to where I started,” says Scott.

“After this process, I realized I needed to find someone who specialized in CTP.”  That’s when Scott began some investigation of his own, searching the Internet for a specialist to help with his chronic testicular pain. He soon found Dr. David Fenig.


CTP Relief Results from Uncommon Solution and Dr. David Fenig’s Skills, Ability to Listen

“I knew he understood this problem and had the surgical techniques to address it,” says Scott, who made an appointment to see Dr. Fenig right away.   

“Dr. Fenig was the first doctor to tell me from the very first appointment, ‘we’ll get rid of your pain.’  He was confident and reassuring, and this made a big difference in my outlook.”

Scott explains that Dr. Fenig went through a similar process as his previous urologist of ruling out infection, prescribing anti-inflammatory medication and performing a cord block, all which yielded minimal, if any, relief.

Soon, Scott started keeping a journal of his pain, working with Dr. Fenig to identify when the pain was at its worst and what the triggers were. From there, Dr. Fenig was able to see that it was the pressure on the epididymis, potentially a result of his previous vasectomy, which was causing Scott’s chronic pain.

“I did some research on open-ended vasectomy for relieving this type of pain, and at my next appointment Dr. Fenig and I discussed the denervation of the spermatic cord procedure versus the open vasectomy. Dr. Fenig concluded that the open-ended vasectomy would be a good option for me. Dr. Fenig really listened to me. He understood that I knew my body the best and we worked together to find the best solution. And, it worked!”  

Dr. Fenig performed the open-ended vasectomy on Scott in November 2014, which released the fluid build-up that was causing the chronic pain and significantly relived the pressure in the epididymis.

Scott adds that after the procedure, he immediately noticed that the constant ache in the back of his scrotum was gone, and as the incision healed and the stitches came out, his testicular pain continued to get better.

“Since the surgery, I’ve been relatively pain free,” says Scott. “It was a great outcome.”

Live and Learn – Lessons from the Patient’s Perspective

Scott says that living with and searching for relief from CTP has been an eye opening experience.

“There are resolutions to CTP, but it’s not always clear cut. You really have to do your research and understand what is causing your pain; you know your body best and it’s important to work with the doctor to help resolve the pain,” he adds.

“It’s a terrifying thing to go searching the internet for information on CTP, but it’s important to do your research. That’s how I found Dr. Fenig,” says Scott.  “In fact, I was one of his first patients to have the open-ended vasectomy procedure as a cure for CTP, and have had a positive outcome.  Finding the right doctor who specializes in and understands this condition is so important. I would recommend Dr. Fenig for any man experiencing CTP. He’s very direct, skilled and honest.”