Patients Treated for ED Share Their Success Stories

Penile injection therapy for ED gives one man a second chance at love

At age 60, Bob* was given a second chance at a new relationship. But, when erectile dysfunction got in the way of his new love, he sought out the expertise of Chesapeake Urology’s male sexual health specialist, Dr. David Fenig. He explains:

“Erectile dysfunction was a bit of a surprise to me when I began a new relationship. I tried oral medications for ED but they just weren’t effective. I was certainly disappointed these medications didn’t work and didn’t know what other options were available to me. Then I went to see Dr. David Fenig and he suggested I start on penile injections. I had never heard of the injections but was pleasantly surprised there was something easy, painless and quick that really worked for me. Years later, this treatment continues to be very successful and I can take the injection when I need it. They are not painful, are easy to give to myself and allow me to be more spontaneous.

It’s not very often you get a second chance to start over at my age and I’m very grateful for my relationship with a wonderful woman, and for finding Dr. Fenig. He provided me with the ED treatment that has allowed my relationship to blossom. I give Dr. Fenig the credit for giving me a new start in life. I’ll be grateful for his care forever and think of him as a friend, not just my doctor.” 

*Name has been changed to protect patient confidentiality.


Penile Implant Treats ED, Helps Keep One Patient’s 55-Year Romance Alive

After 55 years of marriage, love, romance and a satisfying sexual relationship are all still very much alive for Fred, age 80, and his wife Joanne, age 76, thanks in part to an amazing surgery that was performed at Chesapeake Urology Associates.

In more than five decades, the couple has gone through a lot together, including Fred’s prostate cancer, which was successfully treated at Chesapeake Urology.  

However, the radiation therapy that Fred underwent to eradicate the cancer affected his ability to achieve an erection.  “Medication wasn’t as effective at producing an erection as it had been before the treatment,” says Fred, who consulted Dr. David Fenig, Associate Director of Male Fertility and Sexuality at Chesapeake Urology Associates.

Dr. Fenig thoroughly discussed the two types of penile implants available to Fred, who decided that an inflatable three-piece implant would provide him with the quality of performance that he wanted.  And he was right.  

“I was very satisfied with the surgical procedure.  It went very well,” describes Fred.  “The implant feels very natural, and though I’m aware of it, it’s not objectionable in any way.” 

The results “feel pretty natural. It enables us to continue our sexual relationship.  We like to keep romance alive,” says Fred, who adds, “I’m very, very pleased with Dr. Fenig and his surgical expertise.”


Dr. David Fenig Proves to One Patient that the Penile Prosthesis as a Treatment for ED Could Change His Life

"I had been living with ED for quite some time and began taking Viagra in my mid-50s,” says patient D.R*.  “But after taking the medication for many years, my body became immune to its effects and I had to turn to other ED treatments like injections and the vacuum. Then I heard about the penile implant.”

That’s when D. R.’s primary care physician referred him to Dr. David Fenig of Chesapeake Urology, one of the region’s leading male sexual health specialists. Thanks to his fellowship training in men’s sexual health and understanding of erectile dysfunction, Dr. Fenig successfully treated D.R. with a penile prosthesis or implant that D. R. says has changed his life.

Here’s what patient D.R. says about Dr. Fenig and the penile prosthesis:

“Dr. Fenig is a highly skilled surgeon and the implant procedure went very well. After three weeks I was recovered, my function was restored and it just got better and better.

There really is no comparison between Viagra and the implant. You achieve an erection any time you want, for as long as you want. You don’t have to wait for the pill to kick in. Plus, Viagra is very expensive. I was taking it daily as a maintenance dose which is about $900 a month. Not many people can afford the cost of this medication. The implant was covered completely by insurance.

Some men worry that they’ll never be the man they used to be; however, with an implant you feel like you’re 20 years old again. After living with ED for 14 years, the penile implant has been unbelievable. You’re no longer dependent upon drugs and needles. It’s just incredible. It has changed my life.

When considering the implant, the most important thing is to find the right physician who is specially trained and knows how to correctly size the implant. Surgeons who aren’t highly skilled in this procedure may undersize the implant, which can be a critical mistake. Because of Dr. Fenig’s skills, he was able to size my implant correctly using the best product available and I have had no problems. I did a lot of research online and know that Dr. Fenig is highly trained in ED and in penile prosthetics. 

Dr. Fenig is first class. He is one of the best at what he does, and he’s very compassionate. I was treated first class in every way at his practice and I would recommend Dr. Fenig highly.”

 *Patient’s initials are used to protect patient confidentiality.